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Longer Lasting Botox Now on the Market

August 29. 2023

By Terri Russell

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -For ten years Amy Kenney says she’s used Botox. The injections contain a toxin which prevent certain muscles from working. Signs of aging like forehead lines diminish for a time.

But Amy says lately she noticed the injections were lasting only about 2 months instead of the three or four months she initially experienced.

“You could totally tell when I smiled when I raised my eyebrows that when I scowled there were lines,” says Amy. “I definitely just wasn’t making it up.” Fortunately for Amy, a new Botox called Daxxify is on the market.

It promises a longer lasting formula, and the results can be seen in 24 hours, rather than up to 14 days with the former Botox formulation.

“The manufacturing process is a little different,” says Dr Cindy Lamerson MD, a board-certified Dermatologist with Nevada Center for Dermatology. “And they manufacture it with a protein, and they think that protein stabilizes the toxin to make it hang around in the skin. So that is the theory behind it.”

Dr. Lamerson says Daxxify is for the patient who wants to continue with Botox injections but finds the toxin is not lasting as long.

This new Botox may not be for first time patients who may or may not like the result of the procedure. With the old drug they may not have to live with the impact quite as long.

The cost of Daxxify is more than conventional Botox, which may have patients thinking twice about receiving injections with the new formulation.

Dr. Lamerson says patients will have to pencil out the pros and cons and the money it takes to get there. It could even out with perhaps only two visits to the physician every year compared to four or five.

Clinical trials show there are no more increases in side effects or allergies with Daxxify. Those who are candidates for conventional Botox would be eligible for this drug as well.

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