General, Surgical & Pediatric Dermatology

General Dermatology

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Your skin is the largest organ your body has, and protects you from potentially harmful things in the environment like bacteria and radiation from the sun. It therefore is vulnerable to growths, rashes, infections, trauma, cysts, burns, and discoloration. The Nevada Center for Dermatology delivers the most advanced and comprehensive general dermatology care available to treat disorders of the skin, hair, and nails. With more than 3,000 types of skin diseases encompassing all age groups, our dermatologists have advanced training in the treatment of all dermatological disorders. The most common diseases we treat are all types of skin cancer, acne, warts, eczema, cysts, allergic reactions and other rashes, rosacea, psoriasis, onychomycosis, lupus erythematosis, insect bites, and many more. To learn more about these and other diseases, you can browse through our patient education center below.

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Surgical Dermatology

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There are many types of skin diseases that require surgery including cysts and lipomas, but the most common reason is skin cancer. Reno is a unique and beautiful place to live. Nestled high in the mountains and a sunny climate, it is ideal for people who love year-round activities like hiking, boating, fishing, biking, skiing, and snowboarding. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time in the sun can result in abnormalities of the skin, especially in people who are at a high risk of developing them (e.g., a family history of skin cancer, fair skin, lots of moles). Skin cancer is the most common cancer, with more than 2 million Americans diagnosed with it each year. Fortunately, with early detection and treatment, skin cancer is highly curable, but the type of skin cancer will determine the types of evaluation, treatment, and prognosis. If caught early, the cure rate can be very high, which is why we encourage everyone to look for suspicious moles and remember the ABCDE’s of skin cancer:

If you notice a growth on your skin, whether it’s dark in color, pink, or just a raised area that scabs over, call your doctor immediately and have it checked out. Dr. Lamerson, M.D. and Dr. Galia Meiri, M.D. have the medical training and depth of experience needed to effectively diagnose skin cancers of all types. They use the most state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, like dermoscopy which helps identify cancerous growths earlier. This is just one of the reasons the Nevada Center for Dermatology provides the highest quality and advanced medical care available in northern Nevada.

Pediatric Dermatology

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Our dermatologists offer comprehensive evaluation and treatments for all skin-related diseases in children and adolescents. Both Dr. Lamerson, M.D. and Dr. Galia Meiri, M.D. completed advanced pediatric dermatology training during residency and have over 30 years of experience between them treating patients of all ages.

The most common skin disorders we treat in children and adolescents include eczema (also called atopic dermatitis), acne, molluscum, and rashes including allergic contact dermatitis.